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Default XF631 glitching?

I've been flying for over a year now, with my JR XF631. A few flying sessions ago (maybe in late Nov), I noticed some glitching for the first time while in flight. The first glitch caused the down elevator for about half a second then returned to up elevator where I was holding the stick. Second glitch caused full throttle for a second, then it returned back to where I was holding the stick. Third glitch caused a quarter roll during my approach to final. Very scary but still managed to landing successfully. I checked the batteries... If I remember correctly, Rx was at about 4.7V, Tx was at about 9.8V. They weren't freshly charged before flying, but still in a safe range, right? (Correct me if I'm wrong)

I normally do my range check myself visually. After this flight, I asked a buddy stand beside the plane to listen and look for glitches while I do the range check. I didn't get more than 25-30 feet before it started to glitch. But it seems to be a different type of glitch that what I had just experienced. He can hear the servo's constantly glitching but cannot see the control surfaces moving. Is this normal?

I always ask for assistance now when I do range checks, and the results are always similar. I've flown twice since and the short drastic type of glitching was not evident. Still, the uncertainty makes for nervous flying.

Now, since my last flight I've been flying on the Real Flight G2 simulator, hooking my Tx to the computer through the buddy box jack. In the simulator, I am now getting the short drastic type of glitching that I described in the first paragraph. The Tx is reading 10.0V, again not freshly charged but it's still should be a safe flying voltage, right? (again, correct me if I'm wrong)

What is happening to the Tx? Or maybe it's the batteries? I use the Accu-Cycle charger (not he Plus version), which I recently learned was not the best charger in the market. Maybe it's the charger?

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