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Default RE: Substitute for Ether

Thanks Lee,

That takes you to the .15 on 5% ether but that OK, just click on "hopeso" and from there, click on "view all videos".

Or, go here and click on "view all videos"

One thing occured to me. Kerosene has a low flash point and even though I was still able to get the castor based fuel going without the use of a heat gun, it still took a lot of prime bursts to get it going. So what of adding another volatile of any sort with a higher flash point, like, acetone, lacquer thinner etc to rasie the cetane just enough to allow easier starts even with the automotive oil?

My trip got postponed, as I suspected, so that experiment will be carried out today. Should be interesting. I may just bring out that old Frog and give it a go at the same time with these formulas.

In retrospect, that contra/glow device just may do what we anticipated. Provide a hot spot to allow pure kero to ignite with no need for multiple primes or heat guns.
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