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Default RE: Substitute for Ether

ORIGINAL: Splinter Wood

Wow.. a 1 litre bottle of "Escort" brand kerosene is nearly $7 at Canadian Tire. If you will see the same brand in the 9.76 L size jug for $15 dollars at CT. Quite the savings on Kerosene. Too bad Castor wasn't as available here in local stores as easily.



Exactly right, a diesel fuel with motor oil, MEKP and kerosene would be very cheap to run. Hey, even with 5% ether from JD, it still makes running diesel, especially in the larger engines, quite attractive. The issue, of course is the special head required from aftermarket.

Testing just now has yielded some interesting results. I mention upping the cetane rating with hardware store volatiles like acetone and the like. I tried this just now and even with the advantage of castor and Amsoil, it refuses to keep running on just prime runs. The heat gun is still required. I tried 20% acetone and up to 40% and still no go. Power was down and throttling went to lunch. I suspect that if I could compress a little more, I would have some luck but my device won't go any tighter. This was done to ensure that the compression disc wouldn't fall into the combustion chamber for any reason.


I also just got back from running my precious, best, dieselized, Norvel .06. The one that does 10K plus on an 8 X 4 Cox prop on ether based fuel. Results will be posted on YouTube in a bit. This small, dieselized Norvel, ALSO will run on a no ether fuel. It behaves towards the various mixes nearly exactly like the .15. Only the kero/castor/Amsoil mix will light off with just prime runs. The other mixes needed a heat gun. Will run it again, take tach readings and post the video shortly.
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