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Default RE: Substitute for Ether

ORIGINAL: Motorboy

Hey, you give a big hope to us who need ether and now it show we do not need ether ,and there are enough evidence of your movie while Norvel 15 are running without ether.

Jens Eirik
Thanks Jens,

We may still need a BIT of ether but as shown, no ether can be made to work, at least in Norvels. For these, castor and the Amsoil seems to give that added bit of advantage towards easier starts despite the lack of ether.

The .15 on an acetone based fuel has now been loaded. Acetone was a bad idea.

What worked was running the Norvel .06 on the castor/kero mix with Amsoil cetane booster.

Both can be seen here.
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