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Default RE: Substitute for Ether


With regards to MEKP, if your selective when buying it , you will notice the concentration of MEKP in the solution varies quite a bit, get the higher concentration solution for best results.
I've seen it from 20-50%. also are you adding 2% by volume or are you taking the actual MEKP content , ie if you add 2% of 50% MEKP your fuel only has 1% and so on.
They don't sell 100% MEKP as its too unstable- it is a sensitive HIGH explosive.


That's extremely useful information. My MEKP says nothing about concentration so what I'll do is up the percentages progressively to see if that helps. If that IS the key, a lot of folks, including me, will be happy to be able to buy ALL the ingredients at the local nail and hammer place. Many thanks for that.

New challenge. There should be at least a few .049/06 conversions out there. Mix up some no ether fuel and give it a go. Overcompress, drops of HIGH ether prime and starter are all you need to make this work. Use castor and Amsoil or equivalent. Your settings, compression and needle should be OK from previous runs as a starting point. Keep a heat gun handy to help along, just in case. You DO want an engine with very good compression seal. And please let us know how you make out.

Next up to get the no ether treatment will be my reliable old PAW .06 and a Frog something or other.
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