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Default RE: Substitute for Ether

Thanks Serceflyer,

Sometimes the links I provide don't work. This may help

And you're right, I never met a paradigm I had any use for, like this.

I read the book some thirty years ago and it stuck. Not for the theories the man postulated but the reaction to it. The scientific community, instead of addressing his ideas, proceeded to attack him personally, trying to destroy him.

What's next? I've been alluding to a device in which a glow plug is installed on to a contra-piston. This will be run as glow and diesel.

As glow, it'll be interesting to see how adjusting the compression ratio on the fly, with various nitro fuels, will affect operation., needle valve settings, throttling etc.

As diesel, it'll be interesting to see if an element that, while not glowing, still might act as a hot spot to assist the no ether fuels into starting more easily and maybe under lower compression settings.

And there's more,,
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