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Default aerobird challenger (newbie here)

I purchased a challanger for me and the boys... and between the three of us we have managed to get the plane from flying to not at all....

the seam split where the tubular section goes into the fuselage... so the tube would slide back and foward... I took some crazy glue and I applied it and slid the tube out until it caused the fins to align even... and I made sure it was as straight as possible.... but now my problem is ever since that when I try to take off I get no altitude and it just falls to the ground....

the tail seem to be moving properly but im not sure if they are moving far enough?

Has anyone had experience with this?

I would hate to have to replace the most expensive part of the aerobird after owning it for a period of 24 hours lol...

but also any one know where a good place to go fly in georgia?
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