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Default RE: aerobird challenger (newbie here)

Sounds familiar; I bought a Hobbyzone Firebird Freedom about a month ago and crashed it the first time I flew it and damaged the fuselage. The damage was different from yours; I hit the ground so hard that the plastic around the motor mount collapsed! So I bought a new fuselage.

After going through that, I was afraid to fly the plane again. Although I had some experience flying R/C planes (15 years ago) I felt I was rusty at it, so I bought one of those cheaper, smaller 2-channel planes.

You don't say in your post how much experience you and your kids have flying. Assuming you don't have much experience, a 2-channel plane is easier for learning purposes than a 3-channel plane.

So I bought the 2-channel Hobbyzone Firebird Scout. I found that the controls weren't responsive enough, so I moved the control lines to the advanced setting, and that helped. I also lengthened the control surfaces by taping cardboard to them, which also helped. I still have my scout, and it has proved to be much tougher than the larger Freedom.

There are other 2-channel planes on the market, too, which may be better than the Scout. I recently bought a Hobbico Flyzone Swift Flyer for my brother.

As far as your plane goes, I'd say replace the fuselage, because when you try to glue things together, the plane becomes very unstable. For the cost of the fuselage, though, you could buy a small 2-channel plane.
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