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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

Excellent flying Ploesti. Low and fast, I like seeing mine come across the field the same way minus the G-turn at the end. Forgive me guys for I know this is the p-51 thread, but I have the fw190. I bring that up because i've been reading about some of the low level characteristics of the p-51. The bobbling around and constant corrections that woodymax spoke of. I've noticed that the airframe seems to be so light that any pulsing type of wind, above 3-4 mph, will have you wanting to do constant corrections. I find this a bit more at lower speeds, not just puttering but 25%-30% throttle. I also know that rock steady low and fast can get the better of you for i've heard my prop mow the lawn without crashing[>:]. As far as the snaps, I guess I haven't had mine long enough. I've been steadily getting closer to the control surface with my clevise but still no unruly snaps...yet. I know the manual gives c.g. spot on wing , but Ploesti/woodymax have you guys altered that at all?
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