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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF


If you mean the red dots on the wing, The CofG is nowhere near them.
parkzone say that the CofG With everything stock, and using either nimh or lipos is between 71.4mm and 76mm from leading edge.
But mine with nmh(I haven't tried lipos yet) stock out of the box ballances at 60mm from leading edge,(measured from centre of wing just behind battery box and transfered to top of wing to ballance, I pushed a pin through the wing).
mine flies great but at less than full throttle is a bit unstable, I havent flown it in less than 9mph wind on the flat, it rolls fine loops fine, flies inverted fine, spins fine, though pulling out of a 3 or 4 spin almoast folds the wing.
One thing though dont flip from low rates to high rates in flight as it alters the elevators centre ,just try it on the ground and you will see what I mean .
Launching I use full throttle with 3/4 up elevator trim(trim lever 3/4 down) and as soon as I reach about 15 feet off the ground I Alter the elevator to about 1/4 down trim(trim lever1/4 up) to make it fly level at full throttle, I use high rates all the time now but If I start off in low rates I stay in low rates till I land and change to high rates. to land I shut off the throttle and put in 3/4 to full up trim depending how fast the speed bleeds off and it bellies in nicely.

I also slope it in 11mph to 15 mph winds, it slopes not so good but it is a chalenge and if it starts behaving badly I just open up the throttle to gain height and speed and carry on sloping.

I havent done anything to my other frankie that I am modding, I am flying too often to bother. I am either sloping my J.P. bullet2 60"(which is still going strong) or my zaggi thl, or flying frankie and my xe2(brushless and lipos) either on the flat or off the slope.

If you haven't seen my modded J.P. bullet2 60" HERE IS A PIC. its a bit diferent than the original

PS: view the two in flight full size or you can't see them.
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