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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

Hey ploesti_b24,
Sounds like you like that imaginary pylon flying I have started to enjoy lately. I almost never get down to 3 feet though. I do that stuff at 8 to 15 feet which is as low as I care to get with my highly modded planes. If I crash one it takes many hours to duplicate the outrunner brushless setup and the foamed fuse and CF strut wing, etc. I'm starting to consider flying em stock again consequently as they fly better light without the foam. Plus the CF spar straightens out the wing some which makes it roll over more. That V wing works good to keep it stable at speed. It IS lots of fun to crank it over to almost 90 degrees and pull up and it turns like RIGHT NOW without stalling at all as if its on rails as long as you have lots of speed (like half throttle). Lots of fun and looks really cool.
Oh, BTW, afpe45 I agree with your launch settings and technique for resetting the trim once you're in the air, but I disagree about not changing from LOW to HI RATES or Vice versa. As we all know the ailerons don't reset well after you turn on this plane. I think that is what afpe45 is seeing when the ailerons look uneven when you change rates. They usually seem even to me but I set my ailerons evenly before launch and don't rely on trim completely to even them out after launch (just a little bit). To do this correctly you must set them with the battery connected and the TX turned on, THEN set the trim to center and THEN adjust the aileron trim wire knobs so the ailerons appear about 1/16th inch about centered even with the wing (for some added washout). Maybe that is why I have almost no differential when I switch back and forth? The RATE changes but the differential between the ailerons doesn't.
I screwed up last launch and used LOW RATES (cause my plane flies so fast HI RATES are erratic) and I find LOW RATES works best for landing where smoothness is important so I tried launching on LOW RATES; bad idea. [link=]BAD torque roll launch crash[/link] If you ever get a bad torgue roll on launch you NEED HI RATES to counter it as I have done several times from some CRAZY 90 degree, torque roll angles[X(]. I will ONLY launch on HI RATES from now on, but then I will switch to LOW RATES except for serious tricks.
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