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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

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Lib, that camera/pilot setup is sweet. Which is the better way to go..., brushless with gear box or outrunner? It would be with 3s lipo 2100mah. I'm asking because eflite has what they call a 'drop in' replacement. However I always hear guys at the field running outrunners (on different style planes though). Oh, and the 4 bladed prop..., for show or go? Where can I find one?
Hobby Lobbyhas that prop (search for FS 400). They also sell one piece 4 blade props. It's an inch shorter than stock but the plane is VERY fast with it. Has more drag which generates way more reverse torgue on launches I believe. This is a VERY durable 5 piece design. Buy a few extra hubs though. I use a touch of super glue to put the blades in and they're almost indestructible. Even when the blades pop off they're almost always reuseable.

I love the outrunner cause it makes the whole front of the plane like the terminator. Cowls last much longer cause the motor takes the brunt of the crash thru the prop shaft and transmit the shock to the firewall which MUST be reinforced or it'll crack into pieces. I epoxy the bottom curve which is where it breaks using ANY motor setup on every hard crash. While you're at it, use some coathangar wire Gorilla glued in place to make longer/stronger pins to hold the wing on from the scoop. The gearbox is fragile and will break often, or the pinion drive gear will break loose from the motor shaft the first time it touches anything while under power. Installing the outrunner is a big job though and I'm kind of sick of it. I'm thinking about selling off my Mustang parts and buying a whole new plane. Offers? $200 will get you the Axi 2808/24 outrunner, E flight 40 amp ESC, Powerzone module to convert to brushless and use the stock channel 5 stock Rx and Tx (included) and and $40 worth of stock accessories, such as 2 Frankies, extra stickers, 12 exhaust stacks, about 12 FS 400 4 blade props with 7 center hubs, aluminum prop adapter, E- Flite E mount aluminum motor mount for the Brushless motor, 2 reinforced elevators, extra Control Horns and/Wing Skids for elevator and ailerons, Charger Connector w/Wire for 1100 mAh Battery and extra Deans connectors with wire, extra Battery Doors, CF arrow reinforced and protective laminated coated main wing, a few new cowls, 3 stock motors (2 are totally NEW {never used}), a new gearbox/firewall and 2 extra prop gearshafts, belly scoop (reinforced), 3 spinners, 3 extra elevator pushrods, 4 canopys, 2 stock batteries, 2 LIPOs (an 1800 and a 2100), 2 stock chargers (all with Deans connectors) an extra channel 2 Rx and extra channel 2 Tx. Pretty much everything but the new fuse you'll need. I'll also tell you how to mount up the outrunner (its also on my posts on this site).
$200 is a steal for all this stuff. A fuse is $27 on [link=]Red Rocket site[/link]

If you want all this stuff you can either send me a check and I'll send it to ya or I'll list it on ebay for ya so you KNOW I'll send it (I have a high ebay rating) and you can use the BUY IT NOW button to get it for sure so some other bidder doesn't get it (I'll set the BUY IT NOW at $200). Let me know guys. It's probably $300 to $400 + worth of parts.

I'm gonna look for an unbreakable plane.

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