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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let anyone that is interested know that I am selling My P51 mustang...After I had an accident []
Didnt get back too flying it quick enough and have lost the nerve to fly it since then.
I have it listed here in the for sale ad. It has the details.
No offer too low within reason.
Its on Channel 5 and still flies as it is, it has internal damage too the motor mount and the plastic that holds all of it. Plus the cowl has a crack and of course the fusalage is torn. Everything has been taped and glued but is reccomended to purchase the replacement parts which should be around $41.
I posted a picture of it in the condition that it is in at the moment in the Ad.

I hope I am not Violating any rule by mentioning this here but thought if someone needed an extra parts plane or one too fix so that they can save money in the long run..I would let those that actually fly thiers know that mine is available.
It says $85 and that is what I would like but if someone has a reasonable offer I will seriously consider it, since its doing nothing but sitting and that is not good for any Airplane.
It has everything that came with it except the original Box!
If I remember correctly shipping from Oregon to Indiana was $30 so take that into consideration when offering a price.
I want someone to get it for well below cost so that they can fix it up and enjoy it like I did in the beginning

Thanks everyone and Happy flying.
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