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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

Racer-Mech, I believe there are MANY planes with a higher build quality. That been said, I also believe the PZ P51 / FW 190 is one of the BEST deals ever in RC airplanes. If you read the older entries in this forum, you will see alot gripes about the plane, but the reason for this is the PZ planes brought ALOT of new pilots/ participants to this hobby. Everyone who likes aviation loves a mustang. Who wants to spend time and money flying high wing stick fuselage or civilian looking planes? I didn't. Scale warbirds have always been the exclusive territory of veteran RCers. But alot of these new fliers werent really ready for a low wing aeileron scale warbird that will stall at low speed. The P51 build quality is actually really good for what it is and what its meant to do. $179 shipped! Untouchable! I have a several E Flite planes and love them (mini funtana, cessna, ultimate bipe) and I want that P 47 too. But, to start from scratch, to get the P 47 airborne you need: Plane $80, esc $50, outrunner $50ish, servos $15x3,radio system $180-@$200, LiPo $80, charger $50. Put it together and you have a plane that will decidedly outfly the P 51, but the Mustang still does real good in a comparison. This ignores the P 47 comes with the same el cheapo speed 480. I am NOT knocking the P 47. That type of plane is actually the next step in the hobby. The next step in a long voyage. Don't forget your wallet. You will need it. Often.
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