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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

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KingCobra, thanks for the set up advice. I have been wanting that P 47 for a while, but have been resisting. I was hoping it would be as nice as the Mustang, but it sounds like a real hot rod. I have no pavement to work with. Do you think you could hand launch with the 10x10?
Yes you can, and I do sometimes. You can also had launch with a 10 x 7 and I do that too (I switch around the props alot-now using a 9 x 7 3-blade). The 10 x 10 is way overpowered and I only go WOT on the occasional low pass. Hand launching this plane is also much easier than the P51. I throw it underhanded, holding it right behind the cowling and and light toss at 45 degree up angle, throttle about 70%, and away she goes...
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