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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

RacerMech, I get the feeling you wish to avoid outrunners because of a more complicated installation. Its not as bad as you might think. You may want to consider doing a set up on a regular ARF kit first, before making decisions on modifying a PZ plane. The radio reciever is not easily compatible with brushless motors, non PZ servos, or really anything else for that matter. You will likely find that hopping up the Mustang will likely mean the whole radio system goes. ( I know there are ways around this) It would make more sense to me to just enjoy the FW 190 and when ready, do the brushless set up in an empty ARF kit such as the P 47 you mentioned. With the experience of putting together a radio set up, Mustang mods will come naturally. I got on board with the new Spektrum radio and I think it is excellent.
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