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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

Ploesti and Kingcobra, wow you both have made excellent points. As the point kc79 has made about the crap radio gear... absolutely, however it serves its purpose. Detail; oh man, I went back to the LHS to stare at the p47 in the box again today (excellent detail). Ploesti is right on by saying that the pz p51/fw109 gets people into e-powered planes. I've flown gassers for quite some time now and just never wanted to fool with slow, tiny fragile planes and charging/recharging is for the birds. I personally bought the package deal with radio and all and I have been having a blast, save the 4 min. flight times (just got lipo today). Although a very nice plane (pz) the p47 is a definite upgrade. Choice of servos, some actual building.. very cool. Oh, Ploesti you made mention that it seemed as if I wanted to stay away from outrunners. Well, in part you are correct because I didn't want to remanufacture the front of the plane especially if I could get equal performance from a drop in. I think i'll just leave my excellent fw109 alone (except for lipo) and put my hot rod fund towards the p47.
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