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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

I buy a lot from Hobby Lobby. I love the Alhpa Models, and have been tempted to try a Flying Styro for the scale looks. The quality of an Alpha is excellent. My reco is to go brushless, but geared.

However, a note on size (because in RC, it does matter):

I have flown them big (55" wingspan), and flown them small (13" wingspan). And I love Alpha Models, but 30" is just too small for me. When compared to the 40" PZ P-51, it is much more exciting to fly. When I fly the Fw190 with friends, the reaction is "it's cute" or "that's neat," but when the P-51 come screaming in close, people duck and then say "WOW, that's cool!"

So just a comment on size: it matters!
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