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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

racer, Why are you letting the P 47 break your heart? You obviously want it. Just get it. You'll love it. Many people buy CARS on a whim. Your going to work till your as old as a Studebaker whether you buy it or not. I'll even put my money where my mouth is. If you buy one, I'll buy one. Not someday, but sameday. You post in this forum that you bought one and I'll place my order at Horizon Hobby on the spot. That way you can rest assured that someone else did something just as irresponsible. If I close my eyes I can almost hear the UPS truck now. The U.S. Goverment once owned over 15,000 P 47s, all your considering is 1. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
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