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Default RE: ParkZone P-51 Mustang RTF

Thanks guys. Actually I've been flying this F-18 electric that has only rudder and throttle as I described for about 2 months now and I've actually mastered it quite well.

It's been a lot of fun actually and I really have good command over the plane and found that all of the things that you guys described are true. It's fun "blipping" the throttle on/off and adjusting how long I hold the rudder in a particular direction to adjust altitude and anticipating how tight the plane will turn and applying counter rudder instinctively or "side slipping" the plane and keeping altitude are all loads of fun. I can even bring the thing in for nice belly landings and fly it in some decent wind and just adjust to the wind (even thought the instructions say that it is too much for this plane with about a 30" wing span, LOL@).

I have the PZ P-51 and wanted any feedback on what I should fly next, the PZ P51 or something else before progressing to the PZ P51? The biggest concern I have is the hand launch issues that many PZ P51's have.

My own didn't want to respond to aileron so I'm not sure if it was a bad hand launch technique and/or tip stalling. It definitely torqued left with more throttle. My P51 is in good shape and I've made an aileron adjustment of about 1/8" up for both sides and reinforced the elevator with a graphite rib CA'd on the bottom of the elevator. Even with these extras I still don't really trust the PZ P51 especially since it seems that the vast majority of problems with it from others tend to occur on the hand launch. What are some of your thoughts???
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