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Default Lets See Some Fun Fly Plane Pics

The plane itself is light enough, but I put standard servos in it, standard receiver, monokote, etc.... and it came out just over 3 lbs if I remember right. Pretty high wing loading for a funfly in my opinion, but some like em loaded heavier than me. I could do it again and build it much, much lighter.... use Nelson Litefilm covering, HS-225 servos...Norvel .25 ( 8 oz.) or Webra .32 ( 8 or 9 oz.) Could shed 1/2 lb with those mods. I had a Magnum .32 in mine ( heavy ) and it STILL needed lead in the nose to balance, even though I had it mounted as far forward as it would go. Maybe they figured some guys would put 4 strokes in them ? I dunno, but I hate adding lead to any model. Rather try to solve the problem before I get to that point. Again, thats just me, some guys are cool with it. My biggest disappointment was after all that hard work, I got maybe 10 flights out of it... the fuse broke in two at the leading edge. I just landed it, no bounce, no nothing, and the whole front fell off. LOL Maybe I didn't epoxy it there well enough or at all, maybe I overlooked that... but if someone was gonna build one, I'd be thinking about what I could do to toughen that area up some. I know well enough that profile planes do often snap at the trailing edge and leading edge, but I never would have expected it unless I guy really, truly dorked it in.

Anyway, I'm working on something of my own design now. Actually similiar to the P.K. in some ways...
so no need for me to build another one. If I ever build another Morris plane ( and I DO like them
it'll be the Spinsation. I have a set of plans for that too.

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