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Default RE: To the "Builders"

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I've been at this hobby for over 57 years now, and you don't have enough selections to accurately mark the correct box.
Bill, AMA 4720
Same problem although I've only been in this hobby for approaching 40 years (I started building freeflight and control line at about 8 ) and couldn't count how many people I've taught. I started a club with some friends about 30 years ago that used to meet and build together once a month, how many of those types of clubs still exist? I still give talks for various building topics for club "entertainment" nights when asked. The most common question is "where do you find the time", I always answer "I don't watch television" which is mostly true.

Anyone is welcome in my workshop and I often visit other modellers in theirs. I love discussing and helping, there's always something more to learn.
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