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Default RE: To the "Builders"

I have helped a number of people over the years. Helped a friend's twin sister with a couple plastic models, not so much on the items covered in the instructions, but things like trimming flash, getting parts to fit smoothly without gaps, painting parts and subassemblies.

In the AF, got a great feeling when a civilian contractor and his wife thanked us with warm handshakes for doing this with their son, 11 years old and starting to have problems because of the remoteness and the isolation in a foriegn country. We taught the kid building and flying FF and CL, mostly.

Helped a couple other people over the years. Even had one teen-ager thank me because helping him with understanding plans and engine instruction sheets, and looking up histories on scale planes he wanted to build helped him get more interested in school, especially with reading and composition writing. In 2 years, he was able to raise most of his grades at least one letter, and a couple by 2 letters.

We don't seem to get many requests for help with kits anymore. Some help with assembling ARFs, yes, but not much on kits. Fewer people want to be bothered taking the time. These same people get to almost drooling when they see what some of our better builders come up with from kits, or even large scale planes which the builder started by drawing his own plans.

I'm personally saddened when trying to work with some of the younger people, especially college students, with their apparent inability to read and understand even fairly simple written instructions. But then, when my son was in high school (parochial, by the way) almost 18 years ago, he took in to English class one of my old English (I also attended a parochial school)book reports that he found in the attic. His English teacher would have given it an A+. Nobody writes that way anymore in high school. That paper got me a C-.

Sorry to have started rambling.

Thinking this over, I agree that unless you meant helping build an entire kit for the student, there aren't enough selections.
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