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Default RE: To the "Builders"

Cyberwolf, I have been a Millwright for over 35 years and a designer and builder of custom know...the solid hardwood type. Its the tricks that cause a new builder the problems. They get stuck and don't know what to do so they guess as to how it should be put together because they haven't built long enough to know what it should look like.....boat or not. I can read blueprints and have been a fabricator longer than I can remember but that is me, not so with a person who has no formal training in that field. I am covering my plane now although I'm not sure how its going to turn out, I do know that you need to stretch it out while ironing and so far so good. I have learned by doing because I know that if I put my mind to it I can do just about anything...within reason but again...thats who I am. I have a TF Gold Spitfire kit that I really want to build over the winter and I want to fiberglass it....another challenge! I crashed the first two planes that I "bought" and I guess many at that point would have turned to another past time but its something I wanted to suceed at so.....I purchased another plane better suited for my abilities and continued. Now I am building and I enjoy seeing it take shape, knowing how each part works together with another to provide what is needed to fly. An added plus is that if I have damage to my purchased plane I know how to repair it.....
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