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Default RE: What engine for a H9 Cap 232 1.20(1/4 scale)

I had this plane with a ZDZ 40. Tremendous power, but the plane was a pig otherwise. It weighed around 14# (on 940 in^2 of wing area) and was seriously overweight. Landing was always a major challenge with the big prop. At idle it would stop flying, snap and fall from the sky but a couple of clicks of up trim and it wouldn't stay on the ground. I wish I had used the OS 1.60/Moki 1.80/Saito 1.50 in it. I had a few friends with the same plane with these lighter engines and it flew very well.

The Moki 2.1 has roughly the same power as a good 40cc gasser, and will also weigh roughly the same.

Another option is the Brillelli 40GT listed [link=http://www.brillelli.com/brillelli_011.htm]HERE[/link]. Aerobob (Bob Pastorello) just installed one in his QQ Yak with wonderful success. It is listed in the 3D forum. The engine weighs 6.8 oz more than an OS 1.60 in "flying condition" but minus fuel, so it is by far the lightest gas engine you will find.

In fact, using the smaller 14-16 oz fuel tank required by a gas engine (versus 18 - 24 oz for glow) the flying weight will probably be equal or slightly lower than if powered by the OS 1.60. The price is unbeatable too, and the engine seems plenty powerful for a 12-14# plane.

Also, I don't know where you can buy Moki engines any longer. Nobody carries them in the US, and overseas dealers can't ship here. Dave Patrick imports the "Mark" engines, which are essentially the Molki engines designed to run on 15% nitro. The Moki's run very well on FAI (0% nitro) or 5%.
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