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Default RE: SIG Kommander

Quote by CCRC1:
"I hate to see a design fade away "

I am with you on that thought.
While the design belongs to Sig who no doubt owns the rights to this kit and the building instructions there is a wayu you can help others and promote the future of this plane and many like it.

Do a build thread on the kit and take lots of decent quality pictures of everything. make measurements. List the measurements. Show in as much boring detail as you can stand or are able to. For instance mesure the length and width of all the bulkheads giving thickness hight and width and the type of wood. Same thing with all the pieces. Measure the angle in degrees of the rake back of the leading edge of the stab, the trailing edge of the elevator.

I think you get the idea. Now for the odd shaped parts. for something like a wing saddle doubler ( or a wing rib in a kit that has a built up wing) draw a box around it with simple measurements for instant one inch increments. If you can scan an image of the full size part that includes that known measurement of lets say in the case of a wing saddle doubler 9 inches X 2 inches. This being known by using a program like Bipe Flyer's Tile Print anyone could print that scan with the outer dimensions of that box and whatever is inside the box will be correctly proprtionate no matter how complicated the angles are or curvatures might be!

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