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Default RE: SIG Kommander


Oh, I don't mind the build at all, its really pretty simple and straight forward. I just didn't realize there are no full size plans drawn of the airplane. I got to reading the instuction booklet last night and SIG specifically recommended against using "plastic covering". They recommended silkspan or cloth and dope. "Plastic coverings provide no tension strength and are not recommended".

I was just wondering if my kit was an early production kit and if SIG had updated the kit later and included plans and die cut parts? Also did they update later kits so that iron on covering, which became a standard in the hobby could be used?

I never realized SIG didn't use full size plans on all of their kits.

I worked at Sig for a couple of years back in the mid seventies. Not all of their kits were without full size was a cost savings measure to keep the price of the kits down. Plus, at that time we did not have the capability to die cut the thicker wood pieces. By allowing the modeler to cut out the parts himself, the cost of making the die as well as the labor of die cutting was saved. Most of the upper end kits had cut parts, plans and instruction booklets. I spent many a hour trying to get that large, very old printing press to run long enough to print the full size plans! I also worked on the instruction booklet for the Smith Miniplane, Doubler, Kavalier and the Colt.....which I designed. Had lots of fun working there and learned a lot. The weather was just a little too cold for a Carolina boy.

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