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Default RE: SIG Kommander

Hey thanks for the feedback Jeff,
I have a NIB Kavalier stashed away in the ol' kit inventory as well.
The Kommander was one of those kits I always wanted to build, just never got around to it. I flew one many years ago that belonged to another club member and really liked the way it flew. Kinda reminded me of the Top Flight Contender without the rudder problems.
I can duplicate all of the wood parts in the kit with no problem and copy the silkscreened parts on a large copier. I can use the canopy in the kit to make a plug to vacuum form a few more.
Dynamic Balsa has the foam wing core replacements on their web site if I don't feel like pulling out the bow. The cowl will be the most time consuming, its made out of that heavy plastic Sig uses and has an airscoop molded in. I have never molded my own cowl with fiberglass, but I guess its time I learned. Actually the more I look at it, I may have an easier time carving one out of balsa.
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