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Default RE: Fuel - Are you worried about Cancer?

Sounds like a sarcastic bunch of guys here.
And, they're right!
Fuel manufacturer's must put that label on the fuel in order to protect themselves from frivolous law suites.
Our society has become so litigious, that people sue for any possible reason they can.
I have been using glow fuel on a weekly basis for 29 years. I worry about getting cut by a prop,
getting fuel in my eyes and getting hit by planes. The thought of getting cancer from this hobby has never
crossed my mind!

Nearly all the people I knew that died of cancer, lived healthier lives than I do.
The ones who survived cancer, told their doctors about a problem, before it was too late.

When it comes to cancers, early intervention is the only thing you can do.PERIOD!
If I suspect I may have something really wrong with me, I tell my doc.
If he says it's nothing, I seek a second opinion. If the second doc says it's nothing, than O.K.!
If the second opinion is concerned, then I will do something about it.

Finally, this hobby is how I unwind. When I'm flying a model, I am not thinking about all of my problems.
And that my friend, is the best thing a person can do for themselves.
Find a hobby and quit worrying about everything all the time!

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