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Default RE: Plane stuck in tree:(

ah... we all have our crashes...

i was zooming about with my cessna 120 and it get caught by the wind and started twisting and spinning, it landed in a farmers field on a cabbage patch, i couldnt climb the gate or fence as there was a board of small nails all along the top.

i was determined to get the plane back, so i found a big rock and tied a note to it

"Plane crashed 3:32PM 6/5/06

whoever may find, please contact
(my mobile number)

- Steve (pilot)"

and i tied the note to the stone and chucked it as close to the plane as i could, it landed right beside the tail
i stuck around for a while and went home, every couple of hours i went back and it was always there

then when i got back from school one day, i had a missed call on my phone, so i redailed the number and it had been found by a farmer whilst he was tending to his veggie patches, i was ecstatic, i grabbed my bike and rode to the park as fast as i could, the farmer was standing near the gate with the plane in his hand. a very happy day for me ^_^ although it had sustained minor damage (Landing gear AND its slot had been ripped out of the fuselage, small dent in the wing and thats about it) i was able to fix it and i have never flown it again, its just too hard to control

get as high into the tree and as close to the plane as you can, get some string and tie a weight to the end, try and chuck it over the middle of the plane and keep pulling the string and shaking the plane about until it comes loose, failing that get one of those litter picks with teh grabby claw on the end and try to move the branches that are holding your plane
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