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Default No more nitro than 5%

I have had a moki 180 for several years -- very good engine. It runs about the same on 0 nitro or 5%. No reason to go more than 5%. But that is probably not the cause of the knock. Best prop for me is 18x8. If you are used to tuning by ear a 2-stroke, you have to get used to the sound of the larger engines. even though it is a 2-stroke, it sounds lower. I am always tempted to over lean it in an attempt to get the screaming high pitch that I am used to getting on a .40 size motor. Best glow plug for me has been the (expensive) OS "F". Mine never did really run right for the first few gallons, but after about 5 gallons it now runs great. I have hundreds of flights on this engine. It has outlasted 4 airplanes. Sorry I didn't actually answer your question, but good luck.
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