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Default RE: Air Hogs Aero Ace!


I just had my dispute settled with through paypal. They found in my favor. However, of my $60 order, I was able to recover about $7. So, I had to step it up a notch and take the dispute to my credit card company.

This is really disappointing. If anyone from aamods reads this forum, I tried to email you several times to cancel my order and get a refund just as described on the website. I never saw a time on the 30 days I waited.

To everyone, I would recommend to not place any orders with them. If you have, dispute it with your credit card company. AA mods was taking orders for some time without letting anyone know they were unable to fill orders. Funny as it seems, they are still withdrawing money people have sent them which is why I was only able to recover $7 via paypal.

Very disappointing. I love these Aero Aces. If ony there was a reputable place to get parts/supplies.
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