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Default RE: Air Hogs Aero Ace!

Thanks for the explanation of the stir stick mod. That is very helpful. I will try it as soon as I can grab some stir sticks.

I had a new stock AA bipe out On saturday. This was the first time I have flown stock for several months. I could not believe the difference. I only flew my first plane stock for a couple of days before removing the bottom wing and making other mods. I guess I didn't remember how slow and non-responsive it is with both wings. I took it inside and flew several laps around the living room.

Now I understand all the posts where people are saying that they rarely go higher than 20 or 30 feet. Maybe a lot of those guys are flying stock. It took me at least a minute to get up to 30 feet. I commonly fly at maybe 150 - 200 feet - way above the mega-size power poles that run down a nearby field. It takes me only a minute or so to get up that high with my mono mod plane. During one charge I will go all the way up and glide down several times.
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