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Default RE: Air Hogs Aero Ace!

For her first AA flight, I took my wife out in the powerline park for a dog fight. She was concerned about hitting the power lines. I told her she would have a hard time hitting one even if she tried and that it wouldn't hurt the plane if she did. Well, it only took her about 30 seconds to get her plane stuck on the wire. There was a wire spiral-wrapped around the wire bundle apparently this wrapping wire was a little loose right where she hit it. The horizontal stab slid right in and got stuck. We spent maybe half an hour thowing balls at either the plane or the wire. The plane finaly dislodged when I positioned a double length of PVC pipe right below the line and then threw the pipes up like an arrow.

I had one in the gutter just like you talked about. I put a piece of packaging tape on the end of my trusty PVC and grabbed it right out. AAs are so light that you hardly have to tap them to get them to stick to the tape.

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