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Default RE: Air Hogs Aero Ace!

Thanks, I believe I've got most of the building problems solved except
for strength vs. weight. Putting the necessary reinforcements into the
structure increases its weight to the limit. It's a trade off.
To keep the weight down on the X-29 I had to give up the two sided
airfoil for the wings. I might try some thinner foam for the airframe next
time and use more balsa support.
The next project will be a true scale version of the S-37. If you've got
any building hints (like wing structural support) I'd be glad to hear em.

Ferndale, er... airplane guy, having the wings below the fuse should give
you tighter turns. That is if it doesn't roll over on you. Give the wings a
little extra dihedral to help you out. Not sure if you would have to change
the tail any.
I've stayed clear of any designs that have lower than fuse wings because
I believe the two motor's varying speeds would cause too many problems
I don't want to be bothered with.
The only planes I've flown with the wings lowered have been
control line, and they don't roll much. I don't consider the jets to be in
this category because the longer wing chord compensates for most of
the rolling. Good luck with it!
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