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Default Lateral Balancing

Can anyone give me a good answer and method for lateral balancing? I have a Tower Hobbies 40 Trainer and want to balance it correctly. I have the CG Just right (even though there is room for a margin of error plus or minus) It balances just right. It's the LATERAL balance that seems to be off. I built a jig which supports the prop shaft in front and the stab post in the rear ( I used some 1x2 and mitred the stab end support so that the post(or tail end of the fuse) rests on about a 1/4" surface. I placed a small level on the wing which is centered on the joining seam and about 2" rear of the LE. Now the right wing drops until I added about 1/2 to 3/4 ounce of lead ( I could weigh it if needed) to the opposite plastic wing tip with silicone. It seems much more centered - although I can't get the plane to balance "perfectly" on the bubble. Questions: 1) does the lateral need to be "perfect" -or- really close? 2) Is there a better way to laterally balance this plane (without screwing into the wing etc.? The instructions said to have someone assist while each lifts the prop shaft / rear post and see which wing drops. Those results were inconclusive, one time right, one time left....etc.etc. I need experienced answer PLEASE...
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