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Default Preferred linkage for thottle?

Originally posted by rjbarthel
hey has anyone herd of this ! Not to use any metal to metal links ! only metal to pastic or pastic to metal ! such as throttle tang is normaly a metal lever ! you should not use a metal link to conect it to the push rod ! this was told to me from a pylon racer ! he said its due to high freqency vibration causing possible RX problems or other radio interferance ! is this something well kown or was he just voicing something that is personal opinion ??
I believe anytime you have metal parts touching and moving against each other it can send out small electrical pulses that have the potential to interfere with a radio signal. I've heard of it happening before, but have never personally experienced it. I personally would not use metal to metal anywhere on a plane because these things cost way too much to risk trashing over something so esaily avoidable.
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