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Default RE: Completed GPP-51 Man O War w/ New Flight Pics

7th Angel..

Thanks for the compliments and the encouragement. .

I moved the tail wheel.. that went pretty well over all and was easy to do. I added the flaps - although after flying this plane it slows down to a craw for landings. But they look good. I think my ratio on the flaps to Aileron was about 11" for Ailerons and 15" for flaps. I just got the measurements off a 3 view.

THe plane weighs about 6-6.5 lbs. (bathroom scale) I have a Tower Hobbies .46 with an 11x7 prop on it. Its not terribly fast but it will go vertical - Its a good balance for right now. I mght try and get some more speed out of it rather than torque. I have the Dave Brown retracts. THey are ok but I am not real wild about the wire struts. I might consider the Robostruts or maybe make my own. I did glass the plane.. you can see more on that in this thread.. and the tail wheel too.


Well i am glad I have been able to bring some motivation to the table fore you... and you are right about it looing good!

Peace to you!
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