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Default RE: Plane stuck in tree:(

Well, I have a story as well, sorry to say.

The first time I "landed" my plane in a tree, it was low enough to be within arm's reach, so I just grabbed it out.

Today, however, I managed to "land" my little WASP in the highest tree in the park, about 100-120 feet up, that is, and right at the crest of the tree (not off on a side branch or anything). Dang, I thought.

So I went home and, figuring it would be a long-shot, called up the local fire department. I expected them to laugh and say something like "sorry, we can't help due to insurance reasons" or "that's not part of our service . . ." but to my surprise I was told by the Fire Captain himself that he and his crew would roll the ladder truck over to see what they could do.

They arrived almost immediately, 4 nice fellas on the day after Thanksgiving. I apologized for bothering them, but they said no problem, and actually took a genuine interest in my predicament - all of us were under and around that huge tree trying to get a glimpse of my little WASP. Unfortunately, the sod-covered ground was not sturdy enough a platform to support the ladder-truck, so there was nothing else that could be done at that point. However, the fire captain offered to call the city's parks department and see what they might be able to do for me. Being a holiday weekend, though, I'll probably have to wait til Monday - but boy, if that isn't what you would call a full-service fire department, I don't know what is!

If Parks can't do anything for me, I guess I'll have to resort to calling a tree service . . .

My poor little WASP will be out in the cold (and wet) for the next few days . . . I hope my Li-PO doesn't go bad.
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