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Default RE: Top Flite Cessna 310 posted

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Sure .

I have two Rockwell Commanders, 79 inches, not built but in the box. The recommended wieght is 10 to 11lbs. They have fiberglass fuselages and nacelles and retracts.

I did one twin, a King Air, only 68" wing with two 40 fp bushing engines, one hp each. It weighed under 10 lbs. I'm not sure exactly what it weighed, but I believe it was under 10 #. It flew pretty good. But there wasn't much reserve power. The bushing engines are only 1hp. The 46 ball bearing engines are 1 1/2 hp. So, I think that two 46's can haul around about 15 lbs and probably no more.

I actually built an 80 inch C130 Hurk at 7 1/2 lbs. But it was for electric and wasn't built for any vibration.

I routinely build scale 60 size planes at 7 1/2 pounds. They are fat and with some detail.

I will concede that a mass produced plane may not be as light as ones built at home. I can see the C310 wieghing 13 or 14 lbs. I'll give you that much. But it just won't be very forgiving above that wieght. If I built a C310 myself and it wieghed 17 to 20 lbs, I would consider that a failure.

Now a ball bearing 60 can offers nearly 2 hp. But the C310 stats don't recommend a 60, they say a 50. The 50 is actually made in a 46 case and offers pretty good numbers. I'm actually using one on a Sig Bonanza, (7.5 lbs) Two 50's might be capable of flying a 17lb model. But again, I don't think there will be much reserve. The wieght of this model really suggest two 60's or even larger engines. I personally favor twin 46's because they idle so well and hold their tune almost permenantly. That is why I am so disappointed.

I feel it is very realistic to expect an 80 C310 to weigh 13 lbs and even less without the retracts. Especially if it is to have a good reputation and be forgiving and easily handled by the typical modeler.

I suppose time well tell if these numbers posted on the tower site are correct. And time will tell if this 310 flys well or not. I will hang back and watch before I run out and buy one. Or even worse, I might drag out one of the Commanders and get to work.
I don't think 17 - 20 lbs for this aiplane is bad at all. I own and fly a Top Flite Bonanza. Weight is around 18 lbs. It's powered by an OS FS 120 which produces slightly less than 2 hp. With this weight to power ratio, the airplane flys well and has some reserve power. There's no reason why 2 .46's would not allow the 310 to perform similarly. The things you must remember is that this is a scale aircraft and is thus not intended to be as fast as a pattern plane, warbird, etc.

My though is that this airplane will fly great on 2 .46's. I suspect it will fly scale-like at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Swap the .46's for 2 OS 55AX's and I bet she'll really open up.

Anyway, just my .02

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