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Default RE: nose climbing...

Your CG should be around 3/4 the way forward on the wing, check it out , if it's only 1/2 or center the wing its way nose heavy, forward of 3/4's is way tail heavy, your CG shoud be 3/4 or less (not much) As much as I HATE add'in weight's to a plane sometimes you just gotta, Clay, lead, big screw >( be carefull not to damage anything)<`Doe's the moter cowl'in come off? good place for weight up there, post some pix's with the wing off and a close up of the cowl if it don't seem to come off, the PFD manuel was'nt much for detail, your bub, scoooper PS check this old thread out as it's got lots of stuff for you, AND TURN OFF THE*&^%$%^ACT ( anti crash stuff ) - 64k -

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