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Default Is it really that critical?

If you use metric dimensioned pieces instead of english, will it really matter? You'll be cutting all the pieces out from the plans anyway, so the only difference will be in the thickness, which you can easily adjust when you cut them to fit.

Think about it this way: If your plans call for 1/8" wing ribs, and you use the 3mm balsa, you only be .085mm ( 1/8" = 3.17mm so .17mm/2= .085mm on each side) shy on each side of center! That's less than the thickness of the pencil point that drew the line in the first place!

The only real difference is that you'll have to be precise in measuring the actual model as it is building and not rely so much on cutting parts directly from the plans. Ribs and Formers will be exactly as shown, spar slots in the ribs will be slightly smaller or slightly larger, depending on which material you have available.

It'll save you alot of tedious sanding and it can be hard to keep the pieces perfectly square as you sand and check sand and check sand and check, well, you get the idea...

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