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Default RE: Anyone Flying Esky V3 Lama?

Hi out there, I think I need some help, having just tried out my very first flight with my new heli, just capable of a few hops and being totally new to this hobby, and as you all now the actual manual is totally rubbish, can anyone tell me (what are the two horizontal black dials on the controller, and the two vertical black dials for) I know the left joystick is for throttle (lift) and to always have it right down when turning on heli, and the right joystick is to alter pitch etc, could you also tell me what are the four switches at the bottom right of the controller are for, mine came with the two first switches up and the other two down, but it did'nt feel right, so I put all four switches to the bottom (is this right) also some people seem to be adjusting the 4 in 1 for some reason eg pitch gain or whatever, surely this is factory set, do all heli's need to be adjusted or is it just a few, please forgive me for these qustions which are no doubt obvious to most of you, but as I said I am a complete beginner to this and would welcome any help, thank's [&o]
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