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Default RE: RC investment in the someday stash.


I use two bays in my 3 car garage and the way things are organized she'll never figure out what is new in there.
I feel your pain. I only have a 1 car garage, don't think a car has seen the inside of it in 15 years. The front half my wife keeps piled high with junk that she refuses to throw away, and I refuse to haul to the attic because if I move it, it will be to the landfill. As a result, she can't even find her way to the back half of the garage, which is my workshop. I've got about six 1/4 scale kits that I want to build, but don't have enough room to lay them out, and every time I try, I wind up getting an ARF instead, because I can "customize" it more easily in my limited space. Most all of the accumulated engines (3 gas and 3 glow) were destined for the kits, but will probably end up in the next ARF I got cowls and main gear and control rods and receivers and servos and batteries and pilot busts laying all around, and then of course the flying planes.
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