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Default RE: RC investment in the someday stash.

I was talking to my office mate last week about this. He thinks he spends about $2000 a year on bicycle riding. And that could easily be the cost of just part of a bike, he builds his own. I spend about $1000 to $1200 a year on RC, cause thats my budget. To buy a nice arf usually takes 8 or 10 months of saving. So building makes my money go further, in SOME cases. Got lucky a couple of years ago when I had $800 saved up and a hobby shop closed with 30 to 40% discounts. Spent $700 there. Bought things like hardware, G-62, World Models 1/5 Cub arf and lots of linkage hardware. I'm still working off some of that stuff. I usually dont make the right place right time scenario, but it worked out that time. About half my buget goes to the clubs annual swapmeet. Which just happens to be in a couple of weeks.
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