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Default RE: RC investment in the someday stash.

While I don't have 1/2 of the inventory Jim has, I do have quite a bit of stuff. I started buying hardware and servos to avoid trips to the hobby shop.

I've got boxes and boxes of kits I've been collecting for about 4 or 5 yrs. I am buying kits that I plan to build some day. Some of the kits are just investments. I don't like the plane and I'll never build it. But, when you can pick it up for $150 and I KNOW I could sell it today for $375--why not keep collecting them? I've got a good stash of kits to fall back on someday if times get tough. Either that--or my kids are gona be rich when I die and they sell it all on ebay.

I have brand new JR digital servos just sitting in boxes. Brand new servo extensions and switches and linkages and control horns. All sitting in boxes and on shelves.

Most of the reason why I started collecting so much stuff is that I just got sick and tired of hobby shops never having what I wanted. It sucks to be in the middle of a build and you need a simple 3" Sullivan wheel and a pair of 5/32" axles and some wheel collars. Drive to the LHS--guess what? THEY DON'T HAVE IT!! [:@] So, I buy stuff on ebay in bulk and I buy servos and extensions in bulk. I spend $100 every time I get a chance and just keep collecting. I'm 35 and have been in the hobby for almost 9yrs now. Ask me again in 20yrs how much junk I got.

I actually tried to get out of the hobby about 4 months ago. I moved from a great big house into a little bitty 2 bedroom apartment. It's cheap and I'm supposed to be going back to school to finish a mechanical engineering degree. I sold a bunch of planes. Sold a bunch of old engines. Sold a couple TXs and a bunch of RXs and servos.

Then SANITY (or is it INSANITY) got hold of me and I started buying airplanes again. This hobby is just too much fun to walk away from.

I want to start collecting ARFs, but they take up so much space. I need to buy a big house with an unfinished basement and then I'll work on my ARF collection. [sm=lol.gif]

Don't tell my wife. If she finds out how much fun I'm having, she'll figure out a way to make me quit. [sm=wink_smile.gif]
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