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Default RE: eletric chargers for stupid people like me

Pertime, mine beeps when it's charged and then blinks off and on if I can't drop everything to yank the battery from the charger, was just thinking how it would be nice if they could just wire it to turn off instead of beep since obviously it's able to figure out it's charged, I'd like to know what model you are using. There are chargers that autodetect the cells and mah's, can't recall right off the bat since I'm not ready to upgrade yet with only 2 lipo's I presently own are 3 cell, one 900 mah, the other, 1320, and the charger is designed only for 3 cell ones. It does have 3 settings, all I gotta do is read the side of the battery which is the proper one, and not go over those numbers and it's been working fine. I have a dedicated car battery I keep charged up in my shop it plugs into, would like to get an AC adapter instead since car batteries aren't very reliable and suck as far as a permanent power source if you were running regular equipment from it, non lipo charger included, learned that tangent delving into wind/solar power systems to draw upon in order to get off of the grid, these guys all reccomend marine batteries instead since they are much better built, so if you are going out to buy a dedicated battery for your's, it's reccomended to go that route.

Subscribing to this thread, hope one of the lipo charger guru's come up with something better, a built in balancer would also be awsome.
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