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Default RE: eletric chargers for stupid people like me


is there a good lipo charger that you can plug in , it reads the type of battery , its starts to charge at the correct rate , balances the battery and sets itself to trickle when done ???
I want to fly some e-warbirds but dont understand the mubo jumbo part of chargeing .

Does this charger alos have ac/dc options ???

I know you cant leave them unattended and understand all those dangers , its not that part that concerns me , its charging acuatly , fully ect .

ALso , do I need a speed control that keeps the lipos from dropping below a certain capacity rate while flying ?

I am primarly interested in lipo in the 11.1 /21oo size and smaller

I use this one in the link below for my 3 cell 11.1 2100 mah Lipo pack, this one does have a trickle charge when it's down.


You follow the instructions on hooking it up, configuring it, and then you hit the start button and check on it occsaionally until the battery is charged.

And yes, you do need to look for an ESC that is Lipo friendly, there should be settings in the ESC that will allow you to set up the thing so that it doesn't drain the battery below the minimum voltage.

some stuff to look out for when you charge or handle a Lipo battery (this is from reading the Lipo manuals btw) is that you never want drop it or give it a sudden shock (like from crashing), if you do, you want to watch it for a few minutes to see if it bulges or anything because if it does there can be a high change it'll explode. Yeah. Explode. It is also recommended you charge the thing in a ceramic pot or something in case it explodes as well.

These are worst case senarios - I've handled one as a "newbie" for the last 6 months and I've not had any issues, and believe you me, I WATCH the thing charge since it charges on my Bimmer's battery lol!
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