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Default RE: Midwest Aerogloss paint-

If the new dope has MEK in it, you had best be very carful with it. MEK is some MEAN stuff and can blind you. That is the same thing they use in fiberglass and there have been warnings around in the mags. about using MEK and the dangers of comming in contact with it, especially in the eyes. It also has other dangers during use, so any time you are working with anything with MEK, use it in a VERY well ventilated area and use a mask. MEK is not something you want to take for granted. Just my .02 worth, but I never work with MEK inside anymore, always outside and with a mask. That stuff is the main cause of brain damage along with kidney and liver damage if taken through the skin. Like I said, just my .02 worth, but it is nasty stuff. Some of the other items that you listed in the modern dope is not very good either. Almost as bad as MEK, but not quite. They are all bad though.
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