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Hello from ON, I just built a Seagull Seafury ARF, it built easy, havent flown it yet, will wait and see, also just built a hangar 9 t-34 Mentor, the most difficult and confusing ARF I have built yet, Contrary to the Hangar 9 Corsair that built easy, retract issues aside, I have the SIG Cap 231 EX as well, very nice arf, flies great, but the rated engine seems under powered, I have a ST G2300 on it and it seems sluggish, this plane may be better with a gasser. On another note, the TopFlight Seafury,Which I built, crashed repeatedly, flew great with a bit of overpower, and an increased wingspan,...which I achieved with a foam cutter and some free time...
My point, All Companies have lemons, as well as great builder and fliers...I built a "BlackHorse Piper cub, didnt like it, flew like a dog, I built the Sig Kommander, Not a bad mid wing trainer, but quick to bore...near indestructable...the list goes on...
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